Historical objects and documentation that delivers diversity to our cultural heritage, growing wealth of knowledge for our future generations and community.

The Katherine Museum has a wide range of collections that have been donated into the care of the Museum from 1972 to present day. A full assessment of collections was undertaken in 2007/2008. From this assessment the Overland Telegraph Display was created bringing all telecommunication objects and documents to be displayed together as a complete collection.

Regular care of our collections is vital for our collections keeping and with the initiation of a new Museum there will be present, a resource room, archive facility and temperature controlled collection keeping area.

Katherine as a township is historically young and we are always welcoming new collections to be donated into our care. We have some very historical objects and documentation that delivers diversity to our cultural heritage, growing wealth of knowledge for our future generations and community.

Historical Object of Significance

  • The Overland Telegraph Desk that dates back to 1872
  • The Planetarium made by a Russian Peanut Farmer 
  • The Clyde Fenton Gypsy Moth
  • The First Beef Roads Grader
  • The Punt Boat that Jeannie Gun used to cross the Ferguson River 
  • The Mirrlees Generator from the original power house
  • Early Indigenous Artefacts
  • World War II objects

Historical Document Collections

  • The O’Shea Collection – Written and donated by Peter and Maureen Dunham
  • The McLaren’s Report – History of the early Police in the Katherine and Territory

Historical Photograph Collections

  • The Brentwood Collection 
  • The Railway Album – Building the bridge 1926
  • Hand sketched record of service Katherine WWII 
  • The Newmarch collection
  • The Wadey Collection – Early Katherine
  • The Shadforth Collection – Early Katherine
  • The Campbell Collection – War years Katherine 1942
  • The Peter Sing Collection – Town Icon donated by Dorothy Sing

Donating Objects to our Museum

We will collect objects, photographs and documents that relate to the Katherine region and its residents. With particular interest on items that reflect the development of our community and diversity of our cultural heritage.


Donation procedure

Interview donor, discuss Collection Policy

  • Items offered for Donation require Donor sheet, detailing Donor contacts, Donor object and provenance
  • Donor must sign Offer of Donation, Transfer of Title, Permission for use of Photographs
  • Photographs may be left for Copy loan and returned. Signature required upon return to donor
  • Items that do not fit Collection Policy guideline should be declined.



No treatments are to be considered that are not reversible. We do not restore items, as the objects condition reflects history of use.

The Museum

Located only 3km from the Katherine Post Office on the way to Katherine Gorge is the fascinating Katherine Outback Heritage Museum - a 'must see' tourist stop to visitors of this region. Share our yesterday’s today!

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