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Sharing our Stories – Share Our Yesterday’s Today

The Katherine Museum displays significant stories of our past history. Bringing to life the dramatic past for visitor learning.  This can be seen though various displays, interpretive boards and audio visual media. The visitor can browse compilation books of old news paper clippings and articles and discover the diverse knowledge of our local area.

The Katherine Floods 1998 – DVD Documentary

We welcome and invite you to view a 27 minute video on the 1998 Katherine Flood. This event affected every person who lived within the township and surrounding areas and communities, in some way. The story starts in the early stages of flooding of the Katherine River. It then continues to proceed through to the end of the clean up. The aftermath of this natural disaster was felt with heartache and was overpowered by disbelief.  Leaving individuals and families feeling homeless.  Men and women that have been reduced to tears and overwhelmed by emotion while watching this documentary. The account of the floods was filmed by the ABC.

Katherine War Display

In the main building there is a display on WWII and objects that were found in the town after the war. The Museum has a collection of WWII trench art displayed in cabinets.  Trench art is an object or piece of jewellery that is hand crafted by soldiers in trenches while in serving in the war. Trench art was passed onto loved ones or mates serving along side a fellow solider.  It was not common knowledge that this part of the Northern Territory was bombed.

Indigenous Artefacts and Culture

The Museum displays early Indigenous Artefacts that are local to our area. Some of these pieces are very significant and are no longer made by the local indigenous people today for ceremonies.

Emungalan Second Township of Katherine Meaning “A Place of Stone”

Browsing this display there is an interpretation of the struggles and hardship that impacts early outback towns because of remoteness. The early township of Emungalan is told though text boards, photographs and objects. Leading into the early history of the three townships of the Katherine. 

Police Display

Small interpretive display on the local history of Police in 
the Katherine.

Education and Schooling in Years Gone By

 There is a collection of early photographs of children being taught at Emungalan and photographs of the Katherine Area School dating back to 1952. On display there is a hand held back board for student’s written exercises.

Donating Objects to our Museum

We will collect objects, photographs and documents that relate to the Katherine region and its residents. With particular interest on items that reflect the development of our community and diversity of our cultural heritage.


Donation procedure

Interview donor, discuss Collection Policy

  • Items offered for Donation require Donor sheet, detailing Donor contacts, Donor object and provenance
  • Donor must sign Offer of Donation, Transfer of Title, Permission for use of Photographs
  • Photographs may be left for Copy loan and returned. Signature required upon return to donor
  • Items that do not fit Collection Policy guideline should be declined.



No treatments are to be considered that are not reversible. We do not restore items, as the objects condition reflects history of use.

The Museum

Located only 3km from the Katherine Post Office on the way to Katherine Gorge is the fascinating Katherine Outback Heritage Museum - a 'must see' tourist stop to visitors of this region. Share our yesterday’s today!

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Opening Hours.

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